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Earning a certification is a great way to advance your career in the medical field. Although certification isn’t always required in most states, employers are inclined to hire medical professionals with proper certification. NHOCERT certification exams were devised for those individuals who have already acquired the proper training and experience required for a career in their chosen field. 

Why take a NHOCERT exam?

1. You do not travel to a special location.  NHOCERT exams are taken online with any computer by logging into the  website.

2. You do not wait for an assigned testing date. NHOCERT exams are taken at anytime of day since it is an online exam. 

3. You do not feel like someone is watching you. NHOCERT exams are proctored by recording using the computer camera.

4. You have a 3 hour time limit to complete 100 multiple choice questions.

5. Results are available immediately after completing the exam.

6. Upon successfully completing the exam, your certification is immediately available for printing.


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