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Online Phlebotomy Certification Program
Enroll in course for $750

About the course

Phlebotomy in-home Certification Program -- $750

This is a hands-on, in-home study with online workshop.

Fee: $750 including the kit with insertion pad, manuals, online instructional training, .

·         Intense, 100% hands-on and online study with training videos.

·         Proven to provide you with the basic proper and necessary skills used in the field of phlebotomy including draws with evacuated systems, finger/heel sticks, and butterfly needles.

·         Designed to teach the serious individual how to draw blood, from the ground up or enhance their skills from previous training. 

·         Does consist of book reading, videos, online written exams, and submitted practical videos.

Participants will learn the proper handling, and concept of the procedure then proceed to the videos, and finally will prove competency on our specially designed manikins and live draws. Upon successful completion of the Workshop, the participant will receive a national certification.

Course starts with downloading or printing your manuals. You follow through the curriculum one step at a time. Printing instructions, watching videos, following instructions for practice with your equipment in your kit, taking online exams, and submitting videos of your practice then live sticks. You must pass all online exams and submitted videos to successfully completion of the course. There are no live online classes to attend. Student will have up to one year to complete the course.

Prerequisites: The Medical2 Phlebotomy certification course is open to those who are at least 18 years of age with a high school diploma or GED, and medical background such as medical/healthcare-related courses, field work, training, or volunteering in a medical/healthcare setting. For questions call 877-741-1996 or email

Completion time: Up to 12 months, Kit is not shipped until Medical2 is paid in full $750. 

Kit includes practice pad, lancets, straight needles, butterflies, tourniquets, vacutainer hubs, tubes, and other necessary equipment to draw blood. 

Medical2 does not provide nor guarantee jobs. We provide CE Hours and skill enhancement services only. Continuing Ed Providers License Number:15509. "Provider approved by the California board of Registered Nursing." Because workshops are provided by Medical2 National Certification Agency, the MS Commission on Proprietary Schools and College Registration has not reviewed nor needs to approve these workshops or CEUs. 


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